Our résident DJ

DJ Papa


Italian DJ Papa whose real name is Papadia Donato started his career as a disc jockey in 1973. Farther back, his early playlist consisted of J. Brown, Motown Sound, and everything Philly, a city in the US that thrives in music.

Through the years, his musical tastes changed from classical rock and soul to New Wave, House, and New Beat, with a bit of Balearic beat, and finally Hard House and Techno. Always preferring strong and clear sounds, DJ Papa has refined his technique, settling on a repertoire composed of Lounge, Chill music and World music.

With a 39-year career that has seen him performing in more than 300 clubs in Italy and Monte Carlo, participating in major events such as the Grand Prix, Rolex Tennis Masters, Grand Rose Ball, Summer Ball and Yacht Show and elsewhere around the globe in countries as diverse as Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, Morocco, France, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Russia and Ukraine.

Lording it over at the console of Buddha-Bar Monte Carlo, DJ Papa’s sets now consist of Lounge, World music, Oriental and Ethnic House with a dash of Minimal House and Deep House which blends well with Buddha-Bar’s signature fusion music.

Eternally curious, DJ Papa is set to make Pinoy partyphiles groove like they’ve never done before.