Globalisation was at work in 2010, in the Principality and elsewhere. Monaco was missing an Asian restaurant, as its customers were travelling more and more and had come to appreciate Asian flavours. There were also an increasing number of Asian customers coming to Monaco to discover its charm.

In the Buddha-Bar, the excellence of European tourism meets THE reference for high-end Asian gastronomy.

In 2010, the Buddha-Bar concept had already successfully existed for 15 years, in Paris of course and other carefully selected locations.

Monte-Carlo and the Buddha-Bar found common ground in an exceptional venue: Monte-Carlo’s old cabaret, a concert hall built at the beginning of the 20th century in the building that houses the Casino de Monte-Carlo. The monumental Buddha that is the symbol and fetish of the Buddha-Bar concept finds its home against a sumptuous and luxurious backdrop of oak woodwork, stucco, sculpture and gilding.

In this enormous hall with seven-metre ceilings and scenographic lighting, the bar, lounge and restaurant are spread out over 1000 square metres.

With the Buddha-Bar, Monte-Carlo’s legend lives on into the 21st century through its original rendition of a European and Asian crossroads